Scary Cooking — Bone Broth

Not really that scary – but high on the zero-waste stakes and a paleo staple.

All that’s needed are some bones from the butcher and some soup greens:


In his Paleo Cookbook Boris Leite recommends roasting the bones for 20 minutes and it does indeed look nice:

broth2016:01:30 17:04:44

We also tried frying the onions and garlic on one side, it makes for a cool photo if nothing else….

broth2016:01:30 17:06:20

Next just add water and herbs to taste (we used thyme and rosemary)

broth2016:01:30 17:10:37

The broth needs to cook for a loooooooooong time… this is after 2 hours:

broth2016:01:30 19:40:03

and this the finished product after 2 days:


It tastes very nice and surprisingly sweet, considering that no sweetener of any kind was added.