Eco Village Tour – Mijas

This is the view from the terrace of Veintidos, a mini urban-eco-village-inside-a-house, where I am currently staying:
[update: this project has closed and Aimee has moved on to Kuckucksmühle]


My host, Aimee, has two spare bedrooms and a living-room sofa, all of which accommodate a lot of couch-surfers all year round. Some of them are volunteering/wwoofing to help build up the garden in the backyard, which has seen a great transformation from wasteland to food-producing permaculture lab.




As well as the gardening, there are all sorts of donation/upcycling/freebox projects going on, and it could also be a great spot for digital nomads which are inclined towards permacultural ways.

For me Veintidos has been a haven of luxury, with my first hot shower in a week and a big sofa with WIFI connection to catch up on blogging.

Aimee makes it easy
to help out in the house
with this friendly list,
and most people are
happy to give a hand.

I used my last day to hike up the hill behind the house, quite a steep climb if you’re only used to walking up Hermannstrasse, but an amazing view which I used for the header image. I am getting ready to move on to Los Guindales tomorrow and am looking forward to my last night in a stone house for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Eco Village Tour – Mijas

  1. thanks for your very pleasurable to read posts, dear brio
    makes me feel a bit like an actual participant in this adventure
    so have a good comfortable night before leaving for your next stopover.
    and remember: we have masses of snow over here and icy weather, love Dagmar

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